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Corona-crisis Videos

To deal with the lockdown I’ve been recording videos with various friends around the world.

Don Braden and Joris Teepe Virtual Duo - Maiden Voyage

Drummer Steve Johns arranged the tune “I Remember You”, with Joris Teepe (bass) and Ben Sher (guitar)

Tune played: I Remember You

New York pianist Michael Cochrane and New Jersey based drummer Steve Johns.

Tune played: Song for my Father

With New York pianist John DiMartino.

Tune played: For All We Know

In Ohio: Vanessa Rubin (voc)
In New Jersey: Don Braden (sax)
In Austria: Renato Chicco (piano/organ)
In The Netherlands: Joris Teepe (bass)
In Russia: Eugene Riaboj (drums)

Tunes played: (1) Moonglow, (2) Are You Ready For Me.